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tu.COLLEGE: A new start-up support at universities

Startup promotion has become a strategic goal at many universities in recent years. It is precisely the start-ups from the scientific environment that bring forth the innovations that we need in Germany in order to be able to master the great challenges of our time. In order to structurally and comprehensively improve the structures of start-up support at universities, the TU concept, together with the Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET), supports universities in their endeavors.

tu.COLLEGE comprises TU concept's consulting services for start-up support at German universities. TU concept supports start-up promotions that are in the process of being established or need case-specific advice with an individual offer. Employees can receive support in the form of consultation hours or, with the help of mentors, gain an even more profound insight into the start-up support of an Exist start-up support and an Excellence Start-up Center. The goal is to improve startup support at German universities.

Possible procedure

Every start-up has different requirements for start-up support. Thus, the promotion of start-ups at universities is always confronted with new questions. In close cooperation with the CET and the TU Dortmund we offer individual service components (consulting, train-the-trainer, hospitation, etc.), which will best help your start-up support. Also a complete coaching program is conceivable and from our point of view reasonable.

Together with your start-up support, we analyze the needs and starting points. In doing so, it is important to distinguish between the establishment of a new start-up support system and the development and establishment of new formats. We support both. 

Due to our expertise at TU Dortmund University and CET, we know how to set up a start-up support. We help to structure the staff, to create legal and financial framework conditions and to exploit funding opportunities. 

In case of already existing start-up support, we develop formats such as coaching/mentoring, train-the-trainer, hospitation on the basis of the needs analysis, in order to support as a contact person in the daily start-up support. We also provide support, for example, in filling out Exist funding applications.

Over a jointly defined time horizon, employees of the TU Dortmund University/CET's start-up promotion support their start-up advisors.

At the midpoint and end of the period, we jointly evaluate the services provided and make adjustments as necessary.

The CET supports and accompanies start-ups at the TU Dortmund in all phases. More information can be found on the CET's website.

With its unique profile, the TU Dortmund University of Technology creates the best basis for technological innovation, progress in methods and knowledge in various scientific disciplines.

Happy Clients


Your advantages


You will work closely with the start-up consultants of the CET and benefit from their experience and expertise.

You will have the opportunity to sit in on the Exist Start-up University and Excellence Start-up Center at TU Dortmund University and get to know the work on site.

Our overall goal is to train employees and raise the general quality of start-up support at university locations.