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Competence Center for Digital Production Technologies Dortmund

The Competence Center offers companies the opportunity to place joint development projects and influence industry-specific projects. You will participate in the Competence Center's technology network and benefit from the network's expertise. Projects are carried out in close cooperation with the scientists at TU Dortmund University, which guarantees the highest level of quality.


The Competence Center supports its partners by offering holistic solutions in the form of services and advice on relevant technologies. Thanks to the expertise available at TU Dortmund University, the competence center addresses the following topics in particular:

  • AI in production technology

  • Digitalization / Industry 4.0

  • Big Data

  • 5G/6G

  • E-mobility

  • Development of material alternatives with a focus on manufacturing processes


The competence center aims to play a central role within the designated subject areas in the future. The broad technological positioning of those involved is both a unique selling point and a guarantee for the successful processing of complex tasks.

We bring together proven scientists from the region under the umbrella of the Competence Center. Our services include the following points:

  • Platform for (joint) research

  • Industry-specific development projects

  • Knowledge transfer from research

  • Services in the field of research and development

  • Provision of technologically advanced equipment for carrying out experiments

  •  Placement of specialists

  • Organization of seminars and conferences



Das Kompetenzzentrum für digitale Produktionstechnologien der TU Dortmund unterstützt und begleitet Unternehmen in der Erforschung und Entwicklung neuer Prozesse. Dabei organisiert das Kompetenzzentrum Veranstaltungen zu relevanten Themen und regt den Technologie- und Wissenstransfer innerhalb des Netzwerkes an. Ein zentrales Ziel ist die Stärkung von Kooperationen zwischen der regionalen Industrie und der Wissenschaft und insbesondere zwischen den Mitgliedern des Kompetenzzentrums.


Participation in Competence Center events is open to all members and is free of charge. You also have the option of commissioning the Competence Center to carry out projects, either individually or in cooperation with other members. Members from the scientific field can use non-protectable results in research and teaching.

Are you interested in membership of the Competence Center for your institution?

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone!


Management Board
A. Selvaggio, IUL TU Dortmund

Industrial Advisory Board
A. Edler von Graeve, KIST e. V. L. Kwiatkowski, Otto Fuchs KG

Scientific Advisory Board
A. E. Tekkaya, IUL TU Dortmund A. Hoffjan, UC TU Dortmund

Association Advisory Board
W. Heidrich, Aluminum Germany e. V.
H. Marzen / F. Grützenbach, Dortmund Economic Development Agency

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